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The basics of carpet style and fibers

When you walk into our carpet store in Palm Desert, CA, you'll find rolls of rugs in countless colors, designs, and styles, all from different mills. It's easy to get distracted but concentrate on your needs to ensure the best appearance, performance, and longevity. While many factors go into choosing a rug, there are three basic constructions, each of which affects style and texture, so it's best to have some basic information on hand while shopping.

What are carpet piles?

They are the loops of thread that form during weaving and are either trimmed into cut piles of varying lengths or left as entirely as is, with a looped construction. The third construction is a combination called cut and loop, sometimes called patterned carpets. These basic constructions include styles such as Saxony Plush, where the fibers are cropped evenly and then densely packed, giving the rug a soft, luxurious, velvety feel; the shag or frieze, which are high pile rugs with long, loose fibers or Berber, which is a straight loop. The cut and loop can create intricate patterns, such as geometrics, pin-dots, diamonds, sometimes with a sculpted, marbleized texture effect.

Synthetic or natural fibers?

This will be one of the most important decisions you'll have to make since the fiber affects durability, stain resistance, and price. Both are fine choices, and the decision will ultimately come down to how much you value specific characteristics. For example, natural fibers are eco-friendly, while synthetics tend to have more excellent stain resistance. Many who have large families with kids and pets find the latter to be the more practical choice.

While there are acrylics and blends, the five most common fibers include wool, natural, soft, white, and somewhat pricey. Synthetics include nylon, known for ultra strength and stain resistance, and polyester, known for being non-absorbent with excellent resistance to stains. Olefin is often associated with the Berber style and is also used frequently in carpet installations in commercial spaces. It is budget-friendly and stain-resistant. Triexta is relatively new but has already gained a reputation for strength and permanent stain resistance built right into the fiber.

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